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5 Common Terms of Service For the Lifeline Program

The common terms of service for the Lifeline program are in place to ensure that you are aware of the conditions and limitations of the service you are receiving. This includes, but is not limited to, unused minutes and data, cancellation, and plan restrictions. Rates Lifeline is a government-subsidized program […]


Email Closing: Do’s and Don’ts

Sometimes figuring out a way to end an email can be challenging. You need to sound neither too pretentious, nor too professional or too casual. Having the right choice of words and the right kind of email signature at the end is the best way to perfect closure. Additionally, email […]

SEO Web design

A Guide to Website Design from a SEO Perspective

To be a master of the SERPs, you’re, obviously, likely to require more than a website that’s merely search-optimized or well-designed. You may need a lot of social recognition, superior hyperlinks, co-citations, etc. for that. The trouble with these rating aspects is that they’re hard to achieve quantity-wise and usually […]