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Why blogging is important

Why Blogging Is Important for Business

You have started your own business, created a great website and have introduced your company to the internet world. Awesome! What Next? Everybody completes the first few quintessential steps for the beginnings of a business, and after the initial exhilaration, begin fretting about insufficient customers or business deals. Why? What […]


Set Up Your Blog and Start Blogging Today

You’ve been thinking about starting your own blog for some time now. You’ve done some research and discovered that there are people out there with some neat ideas about stuff, and you feel you also have something of value to share with the world. Or perhaps, you’ve heard of the […]


4 Dark Secrets Of Blogging No One Tells You

Blogging is the dream job of many people these days, since we see everywhere success stories of people like you and me who started blogging. After all, to be a blogger seems to be similar to Carrie Bradshaw’s idyllic life: you spend your day buying designer shoes, sipping Cosmos with […]


Why Blogging is Good for You

Blogs are rapidly becoming the most important information portal in this digital age. Suddenly, everyone owns or wants to own a blog. The blogosphere is becoming saturated by the day, with new blogs springing up and even the previously dormant ones are being resuscitated to life. Blogging platforms are becoming […]


Mastering the Art of Guest Blogging

Simply defined, guest posting is the practice of getting your post published on someone else's blog or website. This means that you are posting as a ‘guest' in order to widen your reach or speak to a different audience. There are a number of benefits that bloggers, companies and businesses […]


Common Blogging Mistakes

Blogging is typically a rich and rewarding activity when it is done properly. Most people have a blog to share information with the world. However, many bloggers also want to make money by attracting new readers. This is where proper marketing techniques are a must. If all that motivates you is […]