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Travel Internationally With Apple TV

Apple TV requires a network connection. The older Apple TV’s carried a hard drive. The new models of Apple TV do not have a hard drive. Therefore you cannot download anything on the device. There are two ways to use the Apple TV. You can use your internet to stream, […]


Top Ways to Use Films for the Benefit of Students

Have you ever considered the storytelling power of films for educating probably the most visually literate generation? Learning from films is enjoyable, and they are deft at motivating the students as well. There are a large number of visual learners today and one of the best ways to reach out to these […]

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New Gadgets to Look Forward in 2016

From gadgets perspective 2015 was not an outstanding one, still there were some decent launches in the form of Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Apple iPhone 6S. Now as 2016 has kicked in, there are numerous gadgets set to be introduced as we perceive there is going to be a […]


Why Install IPTV In Your Hotel Business?

The era of old CRT TV is over and HD TV has caused a revolution. People are replacing their old TV and going for a sleek HD television unit. Even the hospital field is not behind. An uninterested hotel owner must consider a few things related to technology because it […]

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Fun Activities for Teens in Las Vegas

In the past, Las Vegas was typically known as an "adults only" destination. The gambling and other activities that were generally available didn't exactly portray the city as a family-friendly destination. Fast forward a few years and add a healthy dose of strategy and rebranding and you have the Las […]


7 Different Types of Display Ads

The main motive of display advertising is to reach the maximum number of people. As display advertising can be used for a wide range of formats such as images, videos, flash and text etc., the chances of attracting viewers and visitors is more. With the availability of so many formats […]


People from History who Made Maths Cool

Mathematics- it's very much a marmite subject. There are kids who see numbers and equations and fall into a state of confusion and dread. And there are others who cannot help but find correlations and interesting patterns in any mathematical content we present to them. But pupils need not have […]


Advantages of Ultra HD Technology and 4K Content

It seems almost hard to recall now, but the low definition televisions of yesterday were huge and heavy devices not known for pristine picture quality. High definition technology came along and revolutionized not only the broadcast and television industries, but the very way people consume media. But we tend to […]