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Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Christmas

The holiday season is here and Christmas is almost reaching us. Christmas celebrations seem incomplete without the right home décor. The Christmas spirit is in the air and is evident in the numerous decorations adorning the shop windows and the light mood that people seem to be in. As much […]


How to Make Your Garage Look More Stylish

Christmas is the time you decorate houses and the compound with any unique decoration you come across. This is because Christmas is the time that family and neighbors come together to celebrate. If you are expecting visitors this Christmas then you have to ensure your home compound and house looks […]

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Ten Landlords from Hell

Apparently some landlords would think this is a desirable place to live. Finding a decent place to rent is a big concern for many of us. Prospective tenants spend ages viewing apartments, checking locations, securing jobs and researching what the local area is like, but when they think they've found […]