How To Buy The Phone You Want For Less

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galaxy-note-2Pretty much everyone nowadays has or wants a smart phone. The advantages of smart phones are many, you can call and text, but you can also email, surf the web, schedule tasks, watch videos and a whole host of other things. Given how dependent we’ve all become on constant connectivity, it’s hardly surprising that the smart phone market is booming, even in these financially troubled times. But just because the smart phone market is doing well doesn’t mean that all of us have a bundle to spend on a new hand set. Smart phone prices vary dramatically not only by model, but also by retailer. Getting a good deal is important to most people, and making savings on your smart phone means that you’ll have more money to spend elsewhere. So just how do you get the best smart phone deals? Read on to find out how you can pay as little as possible for your new phone…

Use Mobile Phone Comparison Sites…

Mobile phone comparison sites don’t just compare phones for their features and processing power, they also compare phone deals. Starting with a mobile phone comparison site is a good first step because it lets you know what’s out there and what the price ranges are like. You can find some fantastic deals on sites like these, but you do need to make sure that you’re purchasing through a reputable dealer. If a deal looks too good to be true, then it just might be, so it’s important that you do your research and make sure that the deal’s on the up and up. Searching for customer reviews and ratings is the best way to make sure that you’re not going to get ripped off.

Internet Shop…

Even if you don’t end up going with a deal you found on a phone comparison site, online shopping does tend to save you money. Even the biggest mobile retailers and mobile service operators give discounts for devices bought online. It’s definitely worth your time to look around and see what the price differences are for different sites in comparison to in retail stores. Special deals are also regularly offered to internet shoppers, so even if you don’t get a huge discount you might end up with more calling minutes or a free gift.

Go Refurbished…

Buying refurbished phones can be a great way to get a good deal. There are specific internet sites that sell refurbished phones, but most mobile service operators also sell them, though you may need to ask for them. Refurbished phones are generally phones that have been bought and then returned within the cool down period, usually because the customer has simply changed his mind. However, even if the phone hasn’t been used at all, it will still be cleaned, rebooted and thoroughly inspected before being certified for resale. You probably won’t even be able to tell the difference between a refurbished model and a new one, though occasionally refurbished phones are sold with generic chargers or reprinted instruction manuals. You can save a hundred pounds or so by going refurbished.

Trade In or Recycle…

Whilst they might not be deals as such, trading in or recycling your old phone can be a good way to get store credit or cash towards buying your new phone. Apple has a great trade in programme for iPhones, though they do only give store credit, so you have to want to buy another iPhone to take full advantage of the programme. There are various recycling programmes that give money for old phones, and notably Tesco will pay you for your old model. Even some mobile service operators have these programmes, like O2. Depending on the kind of used phone you have and its condition, you could stand to get a fair chunk of change to put towards your new model.

Sign a Contract or Pay in Instalments…

Firstly, it’s important to note that both signing a mobile phone contract with a free phone and paying for a phone in instalments will generally result in you paying more for the phone over time than if you bought the phone out right. However, if you don’t have the cash to pay for your phone right now, both these procedures will allow you to walk out with a phone and pay over time. You should definitely figure out how much you’ll pay for the phone over time, since sometimes the difference between the retail price and the installment price can be huge. But if the difference isn’t that big, you might be willing to pay a little more in the long run to have the convenience of getting your phone now.

Buy Second Hand…

Buying a used phone is always an option. And it can be a good option, if done right; looking online at a reputable retailer's site for reconditioned phones means that you might get a great deal. However, there are dangers to buying a second hand phone, particularly if you buy over sites like eBay or Craig’s list, where you’ll have to pay before you can see exactly what you’re getting. In general, it’s far better to pay a little more for a used phone from a reputable dealer than it is to get a cheaper phone from a person to person sale, since you’ll be better protected if the transaction goes badly.

Have Good Timing…

When you buy your phone can actually have a big influence on the price that you’re going to pay. Buying a new model right after release means that you’re going to pay premium price for it. However, buying an older model right after the release of an upgrade means that you’re going to get a deal. This is particularly true of devices like iPhones, that tend to be upgraded once a year with little difference between old and new models. Settling for the older model could mean that you save a bunch of money. Plus, you have the advantage of buying a phone that’s already widely used and user tested, as opposed to a brand new model that could have all kinds of undiscovered flaws and faults.

Phil Turner used the mobile phone comparison site uSwitch when he was looking to make an upgrade. He was smart, he chose a handset that wasn't the latest model and got an even better deal on his monthly charges.

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