Why getting dental implants may be a good choice for you

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Modern medicine has brought great advances to our health care system. In the dentistry world techniques and equipment have advanced so far that even some of the most difficult procedures can be done with quick recovery times. One area that has made significant advances is the use of dental implants.

Dental implants are basically when an artificial tooth root is placed in your jaw to hold in place a replacement tooth. For those that are missing a tooth, dental implants offer a long term solution to the overall health and wellbeing of your mouth. Unlike a bridge, where the jaw bone can eventually deteriorate over time, dental implants help keep the integrity of the jaw and the mouth in good working order.

Depending on your area, if you look around for dental implants you will find providers who offer a completely free and no obligation consultations. They will help you determine the best course of action for the longevity of your mouth.

Here are some reasons dental implants may be beneficial to you:

Long term solution

If you have a missing tooth or other serious tooth problem and looking for options talk to your dentist carefully about the difference between getting a bridge or an implant. Bridges typically last 5-7 years or maybe 10 years at best with excellent care. At some point or another they will need to be replaced. A dental implant with proper care, flossing and regular checkups has the potential to last a life time.

Like a natural tooth

A dental implant is like having a natural tooth replace where the missing original was. They are strong and stable and offer an effective solution to preventing bone decay. Particularly if you are missing a tooth due to injury, disease or some other cause and it is visible when you smile, a dental implant will be the next closest thing to having a real looking tooth again.

Predictable results

Dental implants have a track record of being reliable. They have a long term success rate offering patients reasons to have high hopes their investment will pay off and save them money and hassle in the long run. Unlike some other procedures such as bridges that have an estimation of lasting five to seven years, dental implants have the probability of lasting the remainder of your life with proper care. They have been shown to have a high success rate for patients across the board.

Enjoy every day life

Having a tooth problem can greatly diminish someone’s ability to enjoy simple, everyday life activities. If the problem is not addressed eating certain foods may become off limits. Dietary health may start to fall as a byproduct of not being able to consume enough of the right types of foods. Activities like walking, running or even riding in a car can become unpleasant. The slightest bumps or impact to the body can send shooting pains though your mouth. Life is too short to be in pain that could potentially be resolved. Your dentist should be more than willing to discuss in detail the particulars of your mouth and advise you on the best treatment.


If you have a tooth that is giving you pain or looking for the best solution for a tooth that is missing, call your dentist today. There could be a long term solution available to give a happy mouth once again.

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