9 Simple & Easy Ways to Stick to a Healthy Diet

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Eating healthy has many positive results not only on the physical aspect (like losing weight and boosting of energy), but it is also known to improve our mood. It also reduces the risk of us getting diseases. Despite all its good benefits, many people still find it a herculean task.

Here are nine ways on how you can stick to a healthy diet whenever you feel like going back to your unhealthy behaviors.

Think About What Really Motivates You
Think About What Really Motivates You

The best way to keep you stay on your course to healthy eating is to always remember why you want it in the first place. List these reasons down and if possible, pin it up on places you are most likely to see it everyday. Like on the door of your fridge, your bathroom mirror or even on your kitchen cabinet. This will help you remember why you started this healthy journey and will instantly give you the push you need whenever you feel like cheating.

Keep Unhealthy Foods out of the House
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As the saying “out of sight, out of mind” goes, it’s really best to keep junk foods and other unhealthy foods away where you can’t see them. Do not display them on places you can see them all the time. Put all the temptations away, as they say.

Plan Ahead
Plan Ahead

Sticking to a healthy diet is hard specially when your juggling in between work and exercise. Coming home from a long work day at the office makes you just want to lie down and eat anything on the fridge. The secret to staying on track is to plan your meals ahead. Plan them weekly so you can buy the necessary ingredients you need at the grocery. Planning is crucial and should never be taken for granted.

Fill up on Fruits and Vegetables
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Fruits and vegetables can help you decrease calorie intake by up to 20%. They have high-water content making you feel full instantly. They are also high in fiber, helping you hold off hunger longer.

Change Diet and Exercise at the Same Time
Change Diet and Exercise at the Same Time

Research has shown that when you change your diet and exercise at the same time, the tendency is that they reinforce and works better on you. You can do one thing at a time but for a higher success rate of improving your lifestyle, doing them simultaneously will get you there.

Track and Monitor Your Progress
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Log all your food intake into a diary; it could be an online food tracker or a health app that can help you on your journey.  Measuring your exercise also aids in your motivation to keep going.  This way, you’ll not only feel motivated, but also accountable.

Start the Day with a High-Protein Breakfast
Start the Day with a High-Protein Breakfast

Your first meal is the most important meal of the day, so make sure it’s well-balanced and rich in protein. High protein meals will stabilize your blood sugar level helping you to not overeat through the rest of the day.

Make it a Lifestyle
Make it a Lifestyle

Make your journey to healthy eating a fun and enjoyable one. Do not stick with a strict diet that will only leave you hungry and deprived of all the foods you love. Balance is key. Aim for smaller and manageable lifestyle changes. Permit yourself to indulge in your favorite cake or ice cream every once in a while.

Figure Out What Works Best for You
Figure Out What Works Best for You

Remember that it’s different for everyone. Find that one exercise and diet you love, effective and try to stick to it in the long run.

A healthy lifestyle requires both eating healthy and exercising. It’s a life-long commitment you’re going to make. It’s not an easy road but the rewards will be worth it. So keep going and always remember that you got this!

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