Top Benefits of SMS Marketing

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With most people having mobile phones nowadays, short messaging services (SMS) have become an effective and pocket friendly way of communication. Businesses can greatly benefit from this service by embracing SMS marketing. With your mobile phone, you can either send a message or call someone anytime. SMSs have actually become as efficient as phone calls nowadays. Businesses can use bulk SMSs to market their products and effectively communicate with their clients.

One major advantage of SMS marketing is that it can be used to contact multiple recipients at once. It is therefore essential in retaining both old customers and adding new clients to the business.

SMS marketing is more efficient than email marketing in terms of spam. Unlike email marketing where spyware, virtual bots and other programs can be used to send messages, only human users can use the SMS service. It is, therefore, highly trusted by most people. It is possible to send just one SMS to several people at the same time, which can spread the information in a very short time. Unlike emails where one has to access the internet to send them, you can forward SMSs with a single click. It is, therefore, a quick method to contact people instantly.sms-marketing

The main benefits of SMS marketing

1. With SMS technology, it is possible that messages to go viral due to the message forwarding tool.

2. SMS services efficiently complement the traditional methods of advertising such as television, radio and print media.

3. Unlike most other ways of marketing, SMS promotion ensure that individuals get personalized messages and content.

4. SMS marketing is extremely friendly in terms of costs and effectiveness. The higher the bulk of SMSs you send, the cheaper the price.

5. SMS marketing is diverse. Clients can receive messages irrespective of their location and time, provided they are within the coverage area and have switched on their phones

6. The delivery rate of SMSs is almost guaranteed, unlike emails which can bounce or never be read. There are high chances that all delivered SMSs will be read.

7. There is a certain immediacy offered by SMS marketing, which is not offered by any other marketing method.

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