Enjoying Post-Retirement Life

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retirementWe may think of retirement as an end of our productive years; though in fact it can be the most rewarding time of our lives. This is the time when I can enjoy the fruits of my labor after working hard for so long. While I may be proud of my accomplishments, I am somewhat uncertain of what may hay happen to me after retirement. I have been used to a structured type of work and I do not know the next step to take. In this regard, a coach can help in my post-retirement game plan.

Why Hire A Coach?

• I can learn how to have a right mind-set for retirement.
• I can learn how to balance my life, now that work is out of the picture.
• I will know how to avoid making mistakes when it comes to my pensions and benefits.
• Someone is there to help me in making decisions about planning my retirement lifestyle.

Who Can Benefit From A Coach?

• Those who are about to retire and want to make the most out of their retirement can use the help of a coach. Coaching can determine their readiness and evaluate their needs. This will allow them to figure out the lifestyle they want to have after retirement.
• Some people who have retired had been expecting to be happy and fulfilled but are not. They can benefit from coaching. These people have a difficult time in having a social life and finding their place in a new environment.

My Post-Retirement Game Plan

• I can enjoy my life.
• I can focus on other areas of interest.
• I can be more active in my community.
• I can continue to be more productive.
• Now, I can easily balance my life.

Downsizing after Retirement

Like other retirees, I have my doubts of what my future can bring. I sometimes feel insecure thinking that I may not have enough money to spend during this phase in my life. For this reason, I am considering downsizing or sell my house quick (Warren Ventures LLC) and just use part of the money to buy a smaller one or just rent. This way, I can still have more money to add to my retirement funds or to use as an investment.

Downsizing and its Advantages

In a typical downsize, a homeowner who is about to retire or has just retired, sells the family home to buy a smaller one. It is cheaper, has lower taxes, lower utility costs, and is easier to maintain. Selling my house will let me enjoy these advantages. I can also consider renting instead of buying. It will cost less to rent than to buy a small house or condo. This will further allow me to save more on expenses and have extra savings for a rainy day.


I can now look at retirement in a more positive light by having a post-retirement game plan. With help from a coach, I will know how to live comfortably, enjoying the benefits I have worked hard for.


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